Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New work

This is some new work. Its not strictly about undecided space but very much about Britain . Hope fully it will be a panorama shot panning along the side of this building in gloom. The building will be lit from inside and the shot will from the same angle as in the top image.

Stooky Bill's photostream

try out 1Jewish Museum BerlinJewish Museum Berlinundecided space 1half frame 1half frame 2
half frame 3IMG_0082begining to look a lot like christmasloop 2, well its a starttryout 1
IMG_0025new trytry1comp1picture 1its a snip
model TVBuntingford Fire Brigade 1903The-Maidenhead-Inn-HoddesdonIMG_0160IMG_0183IMG_0186

Saturday, 12 February 2011

undecided space 1

this is the first image I've constructed, there are a couple of things to add.
It looks quite good at this size, I'm not so sure what will happen when its enlarged.
This is daylight or rather a version of day light there is still a sinister element to this, I've been playing with the brightness and contrast.

Monday, 3 January 2011

George Shaw

I saw a Shaw the other day in Birmingham in a new accquisitions show, this was the first time I'd seen one since his Ikon show. They suffer very much in reproduction I feel. Looking at one for real I'm struck by an overwhelming admiration for the technique, it seems to pay reference to the pre raphaelite work in the next gallery. It appears at first glance unerringly precise in its vision, almost forensic but its not ,this is most definitely about paint and its application in a particular way.Looking at an old catalogue i am struck by the difference between these painings and the preparatory sketches which are much much looser.

Algernon Newton

I came across Newton's work years ago and was fascinated by their emptiness and the subject matter it seemed so every day, they were painted in the 20's and 30's . There's one in the Harris Gallery Preston , this one is in the Tate and recently I saw a drawing in the Geffrye museum. I liked their precision.